Success Stories

This section of our website is dedicated to children, youth and teens as a place to gather information, publish articles, poetry, thoughts or photos. It is where you can meet kids just like you, facing the same challenges, hopes and dreams. We will be posting a message board as well, and a link to our facebook page, along with inviting you to follow us on Twitter – so no matter where you live in Canada, or around the world, you have a place to go where you are always home.

As this is your section of the website, let us know what you want to put up here, and feel free to send us letters, photos or anything else you would like to share. Artwork is welcome too! Simply contact executive director Meghan Howard at

Sharing – Care

Kyle is 10-years-old and has X-Linked ED but he doesn't let that stop him from playing sports! Like most Canadian kids, he is a hockey fan and plays in nets as a goalie. He also plays baseball and soccer.

This vest swells up in water and keeps him cool while he plays. His mother Kim says i... continue reading

Jacob receives cheque to stay cool

Jacob is a busy four-year-old who loves to jump off, well, anything, and prefers to run instead of walk.  CEDSA would like to thank Horton Township who donated the cost of an Arctic Heat vest to Jacob so he can stay active without getting sick.  The vest is being custom-fit and will be ready in... continue reading

Alexa wins Arctic Heat Vest Contest

Alexa from western Canada is an active and talented dancer who has not let her ectodermal dysplasia syndrome slow her down.  Alexa won our draw for a free cooling vest donated by Arctic Heat. Congratulations Alexa!

Kyle’s New Vest!

With the proceeds from one of our 2011 fundraisers, CEDSA was able to purchase a new child size cooling vest from Arctic Heat for Kyle!  His mom Kim says he is "really happy" and we are too - we hope it brings you a lot of relief this summer Kyle so you can enjoy the sports you love!  Thank yo... continue reading