The Canadian Ectodermal Dysplasias Syndromes Association (CEDSA) was established in April 2010 by current executive director Meghan Cross to answer a need for information and services geared to Canadians and their families on national funding and resources. Around the world there are a number of well-established and excellent associations providing information, funding research and acting as leaders for families affected by EDS.

Our vision at CEDSA  is to work with these associations to ensure Canadians have access to the best information resources available, while providing guidance on federal, provincial and territorial programs.  Canada’s health care system is unique, and does offer financial supports that may not be available in other countries.  As well, our beautiful and diverse country is the second largest in the world, its vastness creating a challenge for those with rare medical conditions to gather – the reality being that many individuals with EDS never meet another affected person. We hope CEDSA will answer those needs by providing a home for those affected by EDS to meet, network, share information and be part of a very special group of people.

All administrative time is done on a volunteer basis, enabling hard earned dollars and donations to be  used to to help affected Canadians, children and families.

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